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Dougie "Tell Your DreamChasers Story" Interview #TYDS


We sat down with Dougie aka (Dougie on the beat) one of the hottest upcoming producers in Philadelphia and discussed where did he come from, what got him started on his craft, also speaking on his 3 album placements, the unique sound he offers to the music industry and whats next for Dougie.

Comment below and tell me what you think of my very first interview.

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Interviewer: @DaRealJae_

Producer: @YBGDougie

Shot by: @_SlimMoses_

Content by: @MeekMillNews

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  • Sadou on


  • Cannon on

    Thank you for letting me join in meek

  • Timothy Marawo on

    This guy is going places, really good beats and can’t wait to hear more tunes from you guys

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