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When you make it far your gonna love the life you live , there is no better feeling when you go from negative to positive keep working .

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  • Cleda on

    Blessed Up

  • claude on

    meek mill im looking forward to u man every step i take in my life,if i loose i listen to u tracks then i go back and try again until i win

  • Darey gucci on

    The land they gave us was always hot.. bless DC

  • MAlik on

    Meek I fuck with you hard !! You motivate me to the fullest keep Winning don’t let these nigggas distract you stay focus !!! I wish You make my dreams come true

  • Bugzy Sound on

    You ain’t a winner if you ain’t taken a loss, in any path you r in, everybody can relate #Wins&Losses feeds our brains nothing but the truth!

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