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This week for strictly for the streets we asked fans aka the dreamchasers to submit their very own DC ink work and what being a dreamchaser means to them. This is Alexis she tells us her story in her very own words below .

My Instagram is @allexis_dcr and I got this tattoo because I feel that I am the embodiment of a true dream chaser. I am from Newark, NJ. My mom moved me and my siblings to Virginia in an effort for us to have a better life then she and my father did. Our new environment helped my thrive academically. I was a straight A student from 3rd grade through high school. My father died my freshman year of high school but I didn't let that break me. I used it as motivation to be all that he said I could be and more. I chased and am chasing OUR DREAMS. I graduated high school with a 4.3 GPA and finished in the top 5% of my graduating class of 498 students. I am now chasing my dream of becoming and Electrical Engineer and I am currently attending Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia on an academic scholarship. Meek and the Chasers inspire me to never settle for less than I worth and that through grinding and working hard i can make the world see my worth and talent. Thats why I got my tattoo. Im am chasing and will soon be living out mine and my fathers dreams!


Content by: Jaekwan Landers (IG: MeekMillNews)

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