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  • THr cHase lOrd on

    That’s top class ? we down for life nigga it’s the mafucking chasers ?

  • chamlile kivuruga on

    this is not about business, this about who is real nigga and who is a puppet nigga, Wins&Losses is the best album before released. keep it up bro, and welcome to DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA, AFRICA.

  • Marisol Riddick on

    This is dope man. Loved every bit of it. ?? My IG : marisossa__

  • Michael Stewart on

    My nigga no lie that shit hard! A yo I’m from Baltimore name on the gram 8figuremoneymike keep that fire coming my nigga

  • HAssan on

    When he rap and represent this shit he is not just talking about the streets niggas in the U.S he is showing the game in all the world east and west, this shit not only in his corner. It’s in every projects around the world somehow all poor Communities In the world hustle in the same way. Never stop showing the world why those ppl needed to hustle because they had to.

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