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All eyes have been on Meek Mill since the Philadelphia rapper signed to Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group imprint in February 2011. With seven mixtapes under his belt before signing, it's evident Meek has built a foundation for himself. But with the assist from Rick Ross, the student not only has come face to face with fame more quickly, but has developed the potential to surpass his own teacher. Meek's passion has always been present throughout the rapper's career. He spit-yells frantically as if every song could be his last. But it's what his signature vocal punches are coming with on "Dreams and Nightmares" that make the rapper's debut album worthwhile: brutally honest storytelling mixed with boastful glimpses of the good life, the latter as the most promising.

Meek's 14-song full-length, released on Maybach Music Group/ Warner Bros. Records, covers both the heaven and hell he's had to walk through to become MMG's MVP. "Dreams and Nightmares" features noteable guest appearances (Mary J. Blige, Rick Ross, Nas and more) and heartfelt, treacherous stories laid under meancing soundscapes, such as that of the revenge and anguish of a father's death ("Traumatized"), betrayal and mistrust amongst once-friends ("Who You Around," "Polos & Shelltops") to deserved celebration of success ("Young Kings").